1. A new beginning

    It has been a long time I haven't written any serious blog post.

    But what can be more fun than using a new blog software (Pelican in this case) migrating everything over.

  2. List all listening ports in OS X (tested with Mavericks)

    sudo lsof -i4 -P -n |grep LISTEN

  3. apt import unknown key oneliner

    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys [key_id]

  4. No title [249]

    Thinking how to put the fun back into blogging

  5. How to upgrade U8800 to genokolar's CyanogenMod7 20120107 ROM

    Now with 20120107 cm7, all good, signal, battery, camera, etc.

    Here is what I've done:

    * Download Huawei official 2.3.5 beta1 ROM (google U8800V100R001C00B517G001)

    * unzip and putting UPDATE.APP in your /sdcard/dload folder (I stupidly put the whole zip in at the first time... )

    * following the rest ...

  6. Gmail FAIL


  7. tweets

  8. No title [switch-to-disqus-for-comments-will-see]

    Switch to Disqus for comments, will see how it works with Wordpress

  9. about to install Ubuntu on my 5-year old...

    about to install Ubuntu on my 5-year old T43, Funtoo/Gentoo is fun and teached me a lot but costs too much time tweaking and compiling, time to move on

  10. wp pubsubhub + buzz test


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